Cargo Movement Made Easy

UCARGO Supply works with exports from countries across the globe producing anything from PPE to Clothing, industrial equipment and even food products as well as many other supplies needed to provide the UK Businesses with the equipment and stock they need.

Experienced Freight Forwarding

Our combined knowledge of the freight industry across our team SPANS 50+YEARS, and has proved useful in providing fast and effective solutions for suppliers to bring in the equipment most needed. Via the quickest routes, mostly AIR, ROAD & SEA, where required.

Our 24/7 mentality, and worldwide supplier contacts help us to stay on top of the continuous global changes in freight, where our reliable communication provides a dependable service to all our clients.


  • We can handle F.O.B from origin
  • CUSTOMS CLEARANCE within 6 hours
  • Delivery to door, we work 24/7 for your orders no matter evenings or weekend

We understand your needs

  • Shipping your procurement requirements, fast and easily
  • Working 24/7 to provide  round the clock solutions to your global freight needs
  • An experienced team for dealing with Customs and other Paperwork


We have a focus on international Export and Import and have established connections throughout the world in particular:

  • Saudi Arabia (Import and Export)
  • USA (Import and Export)
  • China (Import and Export)
  • Middle East (Import and Export)
  • Turkey (Import and Export)